Mud Lake – Feb 2022

2/19/22 Driving around the Camas region including the Camas Refuge, Mud Lake boat docks and Refuge, and the Market Lake Refuge. Almost 0 birds, but a gorgeous frosted landscape. Rough legged hawk Frozen snow covered ponds Great horned owl Golds and white Frosted treeline Horses

Camas Refuge – Feb 2022

2/19/22 The Camas Refuge,not a lot of birds, but some lovely ones and a gorgeous frosted landscape. Cloud shrouded North Menan Butte on the way to Camas from Island Park. A view Red winged blackbird Chipping sparrow Golden lines Northern harrier Controlled burn stalks

Island Park ID – Feb 2022 pt 2

Morning at Island Park ID 2/19/22 Some of the birds out in the cold, early in the morning Great blue heron Belted kingfisher American wigeons Gadwalls Buffleheads Common goldeneyes Common mergansers Mallards Trumpeter swans I want one of these cabins. They are on my left and the river is on the right.

Bear River Refuge – Feb 2022

Another early morning at the Bear River Refuge. Bald eagle I wish you could have heard the commotion these geese were making. Canada geese Common mergansers (females) Red winged blackbird Western meadowlark Ice Common goldeneye Common goldeneyes (females) Tundra swans Great blue heron Northern harrier Rough legged hawk Common raven Kestrel