Antelope Island – Videos

I just started working with video. I think these are pretty rough. I have so much to learn, but I love being able to share the scope of what I get to see. Antelope Island 4 17 22 (Slow TV 1:50:33) Antelope Island 4/17/22 Early Morning Ducks (short 0:01:20) Antelope Island Sunrise aspect 2 (0:23:48)

Bear River Refuge – April 26 2022

Spent the early morning hours at the refuge birding and dodging raindrops. Stunning vistas Silvery grays sky & water with pelican and ducks Yellow headed blackbirds Yellow headed blackbirds American coot in silhouette Mallards American white pelican Ring necked ducks, Rehead, Northern shoveler Long billed curlew Gadwall Buffleheads Marsh wren Very wet Cinnamon teal and … More Bear River Refuge – April 26 2022

Bear River Refuge April 2022

4/14/21 Rainy evening at the Bear River Refuge Ring necked pheasant Common merganser and Double crested cormorant American white pelicans Great egret Ring necked duck Clark’s grebe Red winged blackbird Northern shovelers Tundra swan with American coot friend Western grebe Black crowned night heron Yellow headed blackbird Muskrat