The belated Big Day

I just realized I never wrote up my report as to this year’s Anchorage Audubon Big Day competition back in March! It wasn’t anywhere as bizarre as last year’s but I’ll hit the highlights. Quick review of the rules: 24 hours (5 pm Friday to 5 pm Saturday), anything spotted/heard within Anchorage municipal limits counts, … More The belated Big Day

Evening birding

I completely spaced this week’s early morning bird walk in the Campbell Tract (I was up, just not awake, clearly) so in lieu of that I and a friend went birding at two of our favorite spots in Anchorage after work last night. Potter Marsh and Lake Hood/Lake Spenard (the float-plane/small aircraft airports out by … More Evening birding

Winter in Anchorage

It’s Anchorage, it’s winter. While we have a certain number of bird species that overwinter (more so as time goes by and our winters keep getting warmer) it’s still not the most productive of birding locations in January. Unless, of course, you’re willing to hang out with the birds that you do see and watch … More Winter in Anchorage