Review: Hoot

Looking for a feel good family movie? How about one with a bird theme? If so then check out the movie Hoot. “The film is about a group of children trying to save a burrowing owl habitat from destruction. Its habitat is located on the intended construction site of a pancake house. The developer of … More Review: Hoot

Waterfowl, Cornell Pamphlets, & Audubon Chapters

For 4/21/20 Waterfowl, Cornell Pamphlets, & Audubon Chapters I started birding back in the 90’s with the suggestion from my sister Melinda to “start with waterfowl.” I now know how great this suggestion was. Ducks, Geese, Swans are all large and frequently hold still on large bodies of water. Northern shovelers The distinctive Northern shovelers, … More Waterfowl, Cornell Pamphlets, & Audubon Chapters