Wildlife Park

I had no idea there was a Wildlife park near my parents house in Italy TX.  (Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose) Okay, near in Texas terms is an hour drive, but still…  We decided to take two cars Jessica, Doug and their two kids (Rachel and Joey) in one and Melinda, Shanna and … More Wildlife Park

Birding in Italy

Texas that is. Melinda and Mom and I got a chance to go birding (and grass identifying) around Italy and nearby Waxahachie. Mom who started us all birding moved on to identifying wildflowers and this year has decided to up her game to still another level and identify grasses.  She’s so amazing. Grass one: Grass … More Birding in Italy

Birding in Kansas

We left Nebraska at 6:30 a.m. heading south towards Kansas and the hope of spotting Whooping cranes. The roads were narrower and the towns included many old, aging, and sometimes abandoned buildings. Kearney NE to Cheyenne Bottoms KS Mourning doves European starlings Northern flicker Western meadowlark Eurasian collared doves Rock doves Red tailed hawks (42) … More Birding in Kansas

Birding in Nebraska

The quest for the Whooping Crane began today. We left Laramie before dawn and drove east on I80. Along I 80 Common ravens House sparrows Northern harrier Rock doves Our first real birding stop was the alleged wonderful birding at Lake McConaughy NE. Somehow we were at the wrong season and the wrong place. The … More Birding in Nebraska