Logan: Open House & Shopping!

DSCN5062 Had a great Saturday. Drove down to Logan with some friends. Our first stop was my brother’s open house. His dome home Arcadia is lovely, well thought out, and is perfect for his family. Next stop, shopping…  DSCN5078

ShopKo for coolers since we forgot to bring them and on to the Gossner cheese factory & outlet where we loaded up on all kinds of cheese. Next, the Pepperidge Farm outlet where the lines were so long we just walked back out and lastly a place I hadn’t heard about. The Fat Boy ice cream outlet, a dangerous place to visit, though now my freezer is full of yummy goodness waiting for the right party.

On our way back we decided that this needs to happen in the early summer when the fruit highway is selling its bounty. It’s a lovely drive through the same region. We can buy fruit, cheese and bread at one of the local bakeries and drive home. Then bring on the feast and move marathon the following day. It’s a good plan. Only time will tell if it actually happens.

For more information, check out these links:





— Jenny


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