Lunchtime Birding

I’ve always had a difficulty with estimating bird sizes. It’s a real handicap when identifying some birds especially when you are in the forest and there’s a black and white woodpecker with red on the back of its head. Is it a big Hairy Woodpecker (9.25″) or it’s smaller relative the Downy Woodpecker (6.75).  (Featured … More Lunchtime Birding

ISU Rodeo

Spent the weekend attending (and selling tickets) at the ISU Rodeo. This was held at the Bannock County Fairgrounds.  The ISU Rodeo club is a member of the NIRA (National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association), Rocky Mountain Region. I work at Idaho State University and started following the rodeo team last spring because of my love of horses. … More ISU Rodeo

Raven or Crow?

It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a Raven and a Crow.  This short video is a great overview to telling the difference.  I love the Crows rock to caw and Ravens just rock.  — Jenny