ISU Rodeo

Spent the weekend attending (and selling tickets) at the ISU Rodeo. This was held at the Bannock County Fairgrounds.  The ISU Rodeo club is a member of the NIRA (National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association), Rocky Mountain Region.


I work at Idaho State University and started following the rodeo team last spring because of my love of horses. The idea came to me while I was sitting in yet another meeting where people were going on and on about football.  Woo Hoo! football, but seriously there are other sports that the students are involved with and I wanted to be able to contribute something to these conversations.  Even if it was only “true, but have you seen how well our rodeo team is doing?”


The above image is from the Donkey Roping game. One member of the two person team is given a rope and is on the donkey, bareback, no bridle. The other team member can either herd the donkey or herd one of the three steers loose in the arena. The goal is for the person on the donkey to rope the steer. On night one, the donkeys and steers won with most contestants landing on the ground. On the second night one of the riders managed to get a rope around a steer just moments before being dumped off his donkey. Much hilarity.


In any case, it was a lot of fun. And yes, I did get to watch some gorgeous horses. If you want more photos check out my Flickr Album — Jenny


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