Bison Roundup

Bison Roundup on Antelope Island 10/30/21 Every year they round up the bison on Antelope Island. People with horses are allowed to register/volunteer to help. There are also experienced riders who are trained to work with the bison and manage/herd both bison and volunteers. Bison pre-roundup So why do they round them up? One reason … More Bison Roundup

Bison – Yellowstone

5/21/21 Bison – Yellowstone Bison calf Bison Bison shedding its heavy coat Momma has a flexible spine Brown headed cowsbird These birds are called cowbirds because they like to eat the insects that are found near cattle/bison. Sometimes you’ll see them perched on the bison. Bison like the cowbirds because they eat the biting insects … More Bison – Yellowstone