Antelope Island – October 2019

Friday October 4, 2019
An early morning visit to Antelope Island. A few birds and lots of bison in sunflowers. – Jenny


American avocets and ducks

Ruddy ducks and Northern shovelers

Morning light

Western meadowlark

Bison on the hill

Bison closeup 1 (yay for a telephoto lens)

Bison closeup 2

Bison scratching an itch

Young bison in the tall grass

Young bison closeup 1

Young bison with sunflowers

Young bison portrait

Bison tongue

Young bison closeup 2

Young bison tail flick

Young bison with attitude

Bison mama stare


Willets and gulls

Birds & Mammals

  1. American avocets
  2. American wigeons
  3. Northern shovelers
  4. Canada geese
  5. Gadwalls
  6. Ruddy ducks
  7. Sandpipers
  8. Western meadowlarks
  9. Horned larks
  10. Black billed magpies
  11. Red winged blackbirds
  12. Red necked phaleropes
  13. Willets
  14. Black necked stilts
  15. Bison
  16. Pronghorn

— Jenny

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