Craters of the Moon – May 2022

5/29/22 Another trip of rain and rocks So many wonderful volcanic rocks Clark’s nutcracker More awesome lava rocks Indian paintbrush By Shanna Dwarf buckwheat by Shanna Vista by Shanna Birds Red winged blackbirds Brewer’s blackbirds Mountain bluebirds American crows Rock doves Eurasian collared doves Mourning doves Red tailed hawks Killdeer Horned lark Black billed magpies … More Craters of the Moon – May 2022

Bison – Yellowstone

5/21/21 Bison – Yellowstone Bison calf Bison Bison shedding its heavy coat Momma has a flexible spine Brown headed cowsbird These birds are called cowbirds because they like to eat the insects that are found near cattle/bison. Sometimes you’ll see them perched on the bison. Bison like the cowbirds because they eat the biting insects … More Bison – Yellowstone

The Big Driving Test

The Big Driving Test 7/2/2020 Shanna and I decided to go to Yellowstone not realizing that it was the 4th of July weekend. On our way through Island Park we got to see beautiful trees and flowers. (See post: Better still we got to see a MOOSE!!! (See post: He started out far … More The Big Driving Test