Price Rodeo

September 22nd & 23rd The rodeo was great fun of course, though it was very, very cold. I was sitting on my wool coat and after a round of discussion on the cold one of the ISU team went to my car and retrieved my two emergency wool blankets, one that she used and one … More Price Rodeo

Cedar City Rodeo

The Rocky Mountain Region College Rodeo was held on Sept 8 & 9. It was a lot of fun. They put a lot of different entertainment and acts into the rodeo. It starts with opening ceremonies including flags, prayer, and more flags. Go Bengals There are signs from those who donate money. I must admit … More Cedar City Rodeo

Birding Gray’s Lake

9/2/2017 My original plan for Saturday morning was to go to the Sheepdog herding competition at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. But when I got up later than I expected and was reluctant to face the crowds I changed my plans and birded around Gray’s Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  Some of my favorite photos on … More Birding Gray’s Lake