Sept 22 2017: Bear River Refuge

I had originally planned to leave at 5:00 a.m. but stayed up too late the night before and didn’t get out of town till 7:30. I wanted to drive through the Bear River Refuge and take pictures/bird. The rain was just hard enough that most of the birds were undercover. However, I was still able to spot many birds and take a few pictures.

Trio of snowy egrets
DSCN7919 DSCN7920

Grebe family
DSCN7926 Duet of white faced ibis JLS04967

JLS04969 Snowy landing JLS04991

Wetlands with pelicans
JLS05009 Blackbird mixed flock JLS05038

House sparrows
JLS05041 Chicken and turkey JLS05045


Sandhill cranes
Red winged blackbirds
Ring necked pheasants
California gulls
Western meadowlark
Common ravens
Fosters terns
Snowy egrets
White faced ibis
Great blue herons
Northern harriers
American avocets
Northern shovelers
American white pelicans
American coots
Common grebes
Western grebes
Pied billed grebes
Red tailed hawks
American robins
Black billed magpies

Mom accidentally called me around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. I didn’t hear or recognize what was going on so didn’t answer. But I must have surfaced enough so that I was awake by 6 and out of the hotel and on the road home by 6:30. I got home at 10:30. It’s amazing how the absence of traffic makes the drive faster.  Thanks mom!

— Jenny


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