Price Rodeo

September 22nd & 23rd

The rodeo was great fun of course, though it was very, very cold. I was sitting on my wool coat and after a round of discussion on the cold one of the ISU team went to my car and retrieved my two emergency wool blankets, one that she used and one that I used with the coach. Hooray for warmth. This was a long evening since barrel racing slack after the performance takes awhile. This time there were only 58 racers in the slack, two short of where we were in Cedar City.

For daytime slack we had the reverse of the cold. The temps were still in the mid/low 60s but we were in the sun and out of the wind so it was hot. Really hot. Unless of course you were in the shade or the wind got at you.

Bareback bronc riding
JLS05120 Bronc with personality JLS08897

Team roping
JLS08558 Break away roping JLS08473

JLS07894 Goat roping dismount JLS08123

Goat with lots of personality
JLS08053 Steer wrestling JLS07985

Elegant barrel racer
JLS06768 Racing saddle bronc JLS05658

Lovely dismount

The Saturday night rodeo of the weekend was also excellent, and I was more prepared. I brought the wool blankets with me. This weekend I took a lot of photos. For the first night I had the shutter speed at mid instead of low, and think that between the dark and the cold the camera was taking too much time processing to get a lot of crisp pictures. I also had the focus area set on wide. For Friday night I slowed it down to lo and changed to continuous focus, that didn’t work much better. Iā€™m learning, and rodeo is forcing me to learn. Next weekend we’re in Logan and I’ll try a different combination of settings

– Jenny

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