Birding Los Angeles

While Alaska Air often puts their ANC-LAX roundtrip direct on sale for January for about $300, being AKAir, it’s an overnighter. You leave Anchorage at close to midnight, get into LAX at close to 6 am. Thankfully I can usually sleep on planes (given shoulder/arm room, that’s about all that’s possible now anyhow) so I’d … More Birding Los Angeles

Time Travel: May 14 2016 GSL Bird Festival

May 14 2016 GSL Bird Festival with Regina and Katrina, workshops, dutch oven dinner, and birds, birds, birds Nikon’s Birding Adventures Speaker book, dvds Great Salt Lake Bird Festival Dinner speaker: Julie Zickenfoose. She was a fascinating speaker and author of the book: Baby birds Western screech owl Great horned owl Barn owl Burrowing owl … More Time Travel: May 14 2016 GSL Bird Festival