Island Park ID

Visit on 10/15/22 with Shanna, John, & Bill A look through the big lens: FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 on Sony A6500 Swan pond is still pretty darn dry with no swans The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River with Canada Geese A look through the new lens: FE 90mm F2.8 on Sony A6400 Swan pond The … More Island Park ID

Island Park – May 2022

Morning at Island Park ID (5/6/22) Trumpeter swan with American wigeons Sandhill crane Caspian tern Muskrat (so fluffy and cute!) Osprey Bird List: Trumpeter swan American wigeons Mallards Lesser scaup Red winged blackbirds Canada geese Common ravens American robins American coots Sandhill cranes Buffleheads Starlings Brewer’s blackbirds Common mergansers Caspian tern Osprey Tree swallows Dark … More Island Park – May 2022

Island Park ID – Feb 2022 pt 2

Morning at Island Park ID 2/19/22 Some of the birds out in the cold, early in the morning Great blue heron Belted kingfisher American wigeons Gadwalls Buffleheads Common goldeneyes Common mergansers Mallards Trumpeter swans I want one of these cabins. They are on my left and the river is on the right.

Up and over the mountains to Mesa Falls- Sept 2020

9/4/20 A long drive with fewer photographs than I’d like. I just got so involved in seeing and experiencing that I forgot to pull out the camera. Additionally, the birds refused to pose and the narrow roads made it impossible to stop. Up to Monida (Montana) and over to the Red Rock Lakes Refuge Abandoned … More Up and over the mountains to Mesa Falls- Sept 2020