Island Park – May 2022

Morning at Island Park ID (5/6/22)

Trumpeter swan with American wigeons


Sandhill crane


Caspian tern

Muskrat (so fluffy and cute!)

Bird List:

  1. Trumpeter swan
  2. American wigeons
  3. Mallards
  4. Lesser scaup
  5. Red winged blackbirds
  6. Canada geese
  7. Common ravens
  8. American robins
  9. American coots
  10. Sandhill cranes
  11. Buffleheads
  12. Starlings
  13. Brewer’s blackbirds
  14. Common mergansers
  15. Caspian tern
  16. Osprey
  17. Tree swallows
  18. Dark eyed junco

Mammal List:

  1. Muskrat

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