Bear River Refuge

Saturday April 28, 2018 I stayed in Brigham City after visiting Antelope Island. This way I got to bird the Bear River Migratory Bird refuge at dawn. It was AMAZING. Gorgeous morning Displaying male long billed curlew chasing an uninterested female Ring necked pheasant Long billed curlew Black crowned night heron Mallard with Cinnamon teals … More Bear River Refuge

Antelope Island

Friday April 27, 2018 I got to attend a library building design conference held on April 27th in Salt Lake City. After the conference was over I zipped up to Antelope Island to check out the birds. 1. Brewer’s blackbirds 2. Red winged blackbirds 3. Loggerhead shrike 4. American crows 5. Common ravens 6. Eared … More Antelope Island