Bear River Refuge

Saturday April 28, 2018

I stayed in Brigham City after visiting Antelope Island. This way I got to bird the Bear River Migratory Bird refuge at dawn. It was AMAZING.
Gorgeous morning

Displaying male long billed curlew chasing an uninterested female _JLS1155b

_JLS1148b _JLS1143b

Ring necked pheasant
_JLS1172b Long billed curlew _JLS1178b

Black crowned night heron
_JLS1296b Mallard with Cinnamon teals _JLS1370

American avocets

Great blue heron _JLS1450

White faced ibis
_JLS1505 Sandhill cranes _JLS1561

Black necked stilt

Forster’s tern _JLS1750b

1. Northern shovelers
2. Forster’s terns
3. Snowy egrets
4. Fox sparrows
5. Great blue herons
6. Black crowned night herons
7. Brewer’s blackbirds
8. Brown headed cowbirds
9. Cliff swallows
10. Ring necked pheasants
11. Double crested cormorants
12. Tree swallows
13. Barn swallows
14. Common ravens
15. Black billed magpies
16. American robins
17. Western kingbirds
18. Sandhill cranes
19. White faced ibis
20. Willets
21. Red winged blackbirds
22. American coots
23. Mallards
24. Short eared owl
25. Canada geese
26. Northern harriers
27. Long billed curlews
28. Mourning doves
29. American avocets
30. Black necked stilts
31. Cinnamon teals
32. Yellow headed blackbirds
33. Gadwalls
34. Ruddy ducks
35. Western grebes
36. American white pelicans
37. Vesper sparrows
38. Killdeer
39. Clarks grebes
40. Pied billed grebes
41. Red breasted mergansers
42. Wild turkeys
43. Swainson’s hawks
44. Western meadowlarks
45. California gulls
46. House sparrows

1 skunk and 4 muskrats

An amazing day.

— Jenny

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