Antelope Island – Videos

I just started working with video. I think these are pretty rough. I have so much to learn, but I love being able to share the scope of what I get to see. Antelope Island 4 17 22 (Slow TV 1:50:33) Antelope Island 4/17/22 Early Morning Ducks (short 0:01:20) Antelope Island Sunrise aspect 2 (0:23:48)

Bison Roundup

Bison Roundup on Antelope Island 10/30/21 Every year they round up the bison on Antelope Island. People with horses are allowed to register/volunteer to help. There are also experienced riders who are trained to work with the bison and manage/herd both bison and volunteers. Bison pre-roundup So why do they round them up? One reason … More Bison Roundup

Antelope Island UT

May 18, 2019 This was a marvelous day. We got to the island fairly early in the morning while it was overcast and drizzly. The thousands of Eared grebes were particularly noticeable. We birded the cove & beach side of the island for several hours then went into Layton for lunch and thrift store shopping. … More Antelope Island UT