Antelope Island – April 2022

4/17/22 on the island at dawn

The view from the causeway
DSCN9739 (2)

DSCN9740 (2)

So many American avocets



Avocets and assorted ducks
_JLS0351 (2)

Western meadowlark
These are a favorite bird from my childhood. We lived out in the country and I knew it was summer vacation because these birds would call me awake in the early morning.
_JLS0361 (2)


_JLS0369 (2)

Long billed curlew hiding in the long grass

Yes it’s in this picture


Sleepy Great horned owl

In the distance way out from where I was shooting there was movement on the road. I thought YAY a coyote. Then I got the critter in focus and it was the largest jack rabbit I have ever seen.

_JLS0404 (2)

And bison

Cute baby bison!

This time the mammal in the far distance really was a coyote!

Northern shoveler pileup

2 thoughts on “Antelope Island – April 2022

  1. Amazing! So many avocets. Gorgeous picture of the Western Meadowlark — I love the one where he is facing the camera. And the long-billed curlew — fantastic. and more…

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