Review: America’s National Wildlife Refuges

America’s National Wildlife Refuges: A Compete Guide by Russel D. Butcher 2003, First Edition At the time of writing just over 530 units of the National Wildlife Refuge System with more than 93 million acres were included in this edition. Author’s Note, foreward, prelude etc Chapter 1 America’s Vanishing Wetlands Chapter 2 A Brief History … More Review: America’s National Wildlife Refuges

Review: Atlas of Yellowstone

I am very lucky to live 2.5 hours from Yellowstone. I visit on a regular basis and get to watch the seasons, wildlife, and tourists move and change. Atlas of Yellowstone ed. by W. Andrew Marcus et al California, 2012 ISBN-13: 978-0520271555, ISBN-10: 0520271556 A comprehensive geographic look at the world’s first National Park. … More Review: Atlas of Yellowstone

My Birdy Library

I was adding the three Cornell Waterfowl foldout pamphlets to my LibraryThing account and started thinking about my bird books. LibraryThing is a website that lets you create your own home catalog of your books. It’s free if you only want to catalog 200 books or less. Paid personal accounts are $10/year or $25 for … More My Birdy Library