Review: Owls a Guide to Every Species in the World

owls every species taylorEarlier I reviewed Owls by Marianne Taylor. While searching the internet for images I discovered that she had published a second book. The first book did not include every species of owl this one does. Some reviews are in error when they write that only 42 species are included in the Species Notes section. All 225 owl species from around the world are included.

Owls a Guide to Every Species in the World
By Marianne Taylor
Hardover: 256 pages
Publisher: Harper Design, 2016
ISBN-10 978-0-06-241388-8

Table of Contents:
Introduction p.7
Owl Evolution and Taxonomy p.8
Anatomy of a Hunter p.11
Hunting p.16
Territory and Breeding p.20
Owl Directory p.24

The Owl Directory is arranged by Taxonomic Species

    1. Tyto
    2. Phodilus
    3. Otus
    4. Psiloscops
    5. Megascops
    6. Pyrroglaux
    7. Margarobyas
    8. Ptilopsis
    9. Lophostrix
    10. Pulsatrix
    11. Bubo
    12. Ketupa
    13. Scotopelia
    14. Surnia
    15. Glaucidium
    16. Xenoglaux
    17. Micrathene
    18. Athene
    19. Ciccaba
    20. Strix
    21. Asio
    22. Pseudoscops
    23. Aegolius
    24. Ninox
    25. Uroglaux
    26. Then a section of 20 owls with no photos, that are likely to be rare or hard to find or small populations from all species.

Further Reading p.250
Index of Common Names p.252
Acknowledgements and Picture Credits p.256

Because the book is arranged by scientific name it is fine to browse through (though there are other books with more dramatic photos) but it is better to use the indexes to find the species. I wish there was a geographical index so that you could easily find all of the owls that are native to a country/continent. There’s a great final page that folds out and shows actual wing lengths for a few owls.

Entries include plumage notes, song/call, distribution, habitat, size, status, a photograph of the owl and a basic distribution map. I will probably not purchase this book. I think it’s a great resource for owl fanatics. For those creating owl sighting wish lists it could be useful but it isn’t a handbook.

Sadly the photo showcasing the Burrowing owl, shows the owl on a lichen covered branch not on the ground. All of the photos show the owl, but the backgrounds have been removed this showcases the plumage but gives no hint to the habitat.

Buy this book if you are looking for a comprehensive look at the owls of the world. – Jenny

Sample images from book

owls every species taylor3

owls every species taylor2

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