Nome pt 3

June 10, 2018 On Sunday we spent the day closer in to town. Mostly because we had no rental vehicle. There was sleeping, walking, feasting, okay eating at the great Pingo’s restaurant with some of Arlene’s (now my) other birding friends. And there was a bit of shopping. The store is called Maruskiya’s ( Then … More Nome pt 3

A weekend in Nome

Back in March, a friend of mine said “Hey, did you know the University of Alaska campus in Nome does guided one day birding trips over three Saturdays in May/June? And the trips only cost $45 each? Interested?” Well, yeah, I was interested. But that $45 is a little deceiving because you still have to … More A weekend in Nome

Arlene’s year list

I generally publish my year list in early December since I tend not to go anywhere for that month and there’s really a limit to what I could see in Anchorage that I haven’t seen many many many times before. Like ravens. I love the ravens, don’t get me wrong, they’re so much fun in … More Arlene’s year list

Seward day trip

Last Saturday, a friend and I decided to get one last day trip in to Seward before winter comes in earnest. And wow, did we pick a beautiful day to do it. It was a gorgeous drive. Seward is about 2-2 1/2 hours away on the Seward Highway from Anchorage which passes a fjord, mountain … More Seward day trip

The belated Big Day

I just realized I never wrote up my report as to this year’s Anchorage Audubon Big Day competition back in March! It wasn’t anywhere as bizarre as last year’s but I’ll hit the highlights. Quick review of the rules: 24 hours (5 pm Friday to 5 pm Saturday), anything spotted/heard within Anchorage municipal limits counts, … More The belated Big Day