Long Billed Curlew Research 2

Allen, Julia N. The Ecology and Behavior of the Long-Billed Curlew in Southeastern Washington. Wildlife Monographs: No. 73. Wildlife Society, 1980. This fascinating study’s main focus is on southeastern Washington, but includes data from National Wildlife Refuges in southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon. The expanded range’s data is derived from refuge quarterly reports … More Long Billed Curlew Research 2

Yellowstone Sept 2020 pt 2

9/2/21 And more birds and scenery from Yellowstone Sandhill cranes River runs through the hot springs and geysers Color behind the steam Geyser Our feet Early autumn Water so reflective it looks like snow White ringed trees Mallards Mallard butts Fall is coming Trumpeter swans Fall is here

Yellowstone Sept 2020 pt 1

9/2/21 This trip to Yellowstone was a quest to find artistic examples of things such as line and texture. John’s art class required examples of these concepts and he wanted them all to come from Yellowstone. I, of course was looking for birds and interesting pictures too. Trumpeter swans Textures Lines Abstracts