Review: World of Burrowing Owls

palmer burrowing owlsThe World of Burrowing Owls: a Photographic Essay Exploring Their Behaviors & Beauty
by Rob Palmer
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Amherst Media 2019
ISBN-10: 1682034046
ISBN-13: 978-1682034040

This is another owl book that I really loved. The photos are amazing and intimate showing all aspects of a burrowing owl’s life above the ground. — Jenny

Table of Contents
1. Appearance and Environment
2. Mating
3. Nesting Sites
4. Raising a Family
5. Hunting and Eating
6. Predators and Threats
7. Memorable Moments
Conclusion: Burrowing Owl Conservation

palmer burrowing owls2Photographer Rob Palmer has a passion for birds of prey and has traveled across the North American continent in pursuit of images that capture their amazing beauty and behaviors as the go about their lives in their natural environment. In this book, he has collected nearly two-hundred of his favorite shots of burrowing owls as they go about life in the wild. From grown owls in flight to youngsters hamming it up and exploring life beyond the nest, you’ll enjoy a virtual tour of the lives of these mesmerizing birds. Palmer also provides explanatory text to help you identify burrowing owl behaviors and understand what it takes to get shots like these. Whether you are an owl lover or an aspiring bird photographer, you’ll love this book!” — Amazon

You can check out more of Rob Palmer’s photos on Facebook: and on his website:

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