Near Italy TX – December 2019

Melinda and I went out birding a couple of times while I was visiting Italy TX. Shanna went with us both times which is great since she can really spot birds. Dad also came along on one of the drives. I saw my first Blue headed vireo!! Too much fun – Jenny

So many, many, flighty, busy, Northern cardinals. It took a lot of shots to get this one


Lincoln’s sparrow

Another cardinal

And this is when I’m leaning out the car door, twisting around and hoping the bird holds still…

Female cardinal brought to you from the door twisty position

There were so many kildeer near the office, it was amazing. Sadly, only this one posed.

From the deck

Northern mockingbird

American white pelicans and unidentified gulls

Northern cardinal

Greater roadrunner


Cedar waxwing

American pipet

Turkey vulture

Black vultures and Great egrets

Dec 23: Near Italy Texas

  1. Eastern phoebes
  2. Northern mockingbirds
  3. Eastern meadowlarks
  4. Black vultures
  5. Rock doves
  6. Northern cardinals
  7. Tufted titmouse
  8. Carolina chickadees
  9. Yellow rumped warbler
  10. White crowned sparrows
  11. Chipping sparrows
  12. Lincoln’s sparrows
  13. Mourning doves
  14. House finches
  15. Great blue heron
  16. Turkey vulture
  17. Eurasian collared doves

Dec 27: Near Italy Texas

  1. Great blue heron
  2. Northern mockingbirds
  3. Carolina wrens
  4. Northern cardinals
  5. Eurasian collared doves
  6. Rock doves
  7. Red tailed hawks
  8. Greater roadrunner
  9. Cedar waxwing
  10. European starlings
  11. Carolina chickadees
  12. Blue jays
  13. Eastern meadowlarks
  14. American pipets
  15. American kestrels
  16. Turkey vultures
  17. Eastern phoebes
  18. Golden crowned kinglets
  19. Blue headed vireo – New one for me!!
  20. Black vultures
  21. Great egrets
  22. American goldfinches

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