Antelope Island – June 2022

Looking for Loggerhead shrikes

Well we didn’t see any shrikes which was disappointing. Several years ago you could count on seeing at least one or two at this time of year. But we did see other beautiful scenery and birds

_JLS3704 (2)

American avocets

Terns and cormorants

Western meadowlark

Horned lark

Burrowing owls


_JLS3776 (2)



Great horned owlets
_JLS3846 (2)

Tired looking Great horned owl parent

_JLS3877 (2)


  1. American avocets
  2. Brewer’s blackbirds
  3. Double crested cormorants
  4. Mourning doves
  5. Clark’s grebes
  6. Western grebes
  7. California gulls
  8. Horned larks
  9. Black billed magpies
  10. Western meadowlarks
  11. Burrowing owls
  12. Great horned owls
  13. Redheads
  14. European starlings
  15. Black necked stilts
  16. Cliff swallows
  17. Barn swallows
  18. Cinnamon teals
  19. Forster’s terns
  20. American wigeons
  21. Willets


  • Bison
  • Antelope/Pronghorn

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