Gower Ponds – June 2022

Just a few more birds

Red winged blackbird

Great blue heron roost

_JLS3895 (2)

Farmington refuge buildings

American avocet


  1. American avocets
  2. Red winged blackbirds
  3. American coots
  4. Brown headed cowbirds
  5. Gadwalls
  6. Canada geese
  7. Western grebes
  8. Pied billed grebes
  9. Great blue herons
  10. American white pelicans
  11. Northern pintails
  12. Black necked stilts
  13. Barn swallows
  14. Cliff swallows
  15. Cinnamon teals
  16. Forster’s terns
  17. Common terns
  18. Marsh wrens

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