Bear River Refuge in the Morning – June 2022

My favorite refuge pt 2

We started with breakfast and the local park/pond in Brigham City. There were all of these adorable Mallard ducklings



American white pelicans

Double crested cormorant

Long billed curlew

Long billed curlew chick
_JLS3483 (2)

Black crowned night heron

Cliff swallow

Cinnamon teal

Barn swallow

A bad picture of a common yellowthroat, but at least I captured the image

Red winged blackbird

American white pelicans
_JLS3590 (2)

Snowy egret

Another Snowy egret

And another American white pelican


  1. American avocets
  2. Red winged blackbirds
  3. Brewer’s blackbirds
  4. Yellow headed blackbirds
  5. American coots
  6. Double crested cormorants
  7. Brown headed cowbirds
  8. Sandhill crane
  9. Long billed curlews
  10. Mourning doves
  11. Eurasian collared doves
  12. Snowy egrets
  13. House finches
  14. Northern flicker
  15. Gadwalls
  16. Canada geese
  17. Common grackles
  18. Great tailed grackles
  19. Clark’s grebes
  20. Eared grebes
  21. Western grebes
  22. Pied billed grebes
  23. California gulls
  24. Franklin’s gulls
  25. Northern harriers
  26. Red tailed hawks
  27. Great blue herons
  28. White faced ibises
  29. Killdeer
  30. Western kingbibrds
  31. Eastern kingbibrds
  32. Horned lark
  33. Black billed magpies
  34. Mallards
  35. Western meadowlarks
  36. Black crowned night herons
  37. Short eared owl
  38. American white pelicans
  39. Ring necked pheasants
  40. Common ravens
  41. Redheads
  42. American robins
  43. Northern shovelers
  44. Song sparrows
  45. House sparrows
  46. Vesper sparrows
  47. European starlings
  48. Black necked stilts
  49. Cliff swallows
  50. Bank swallows
  51. Barn swallows
  52. Bank swallows
  53. Cinnamon teals
  54. Forster’s terns
  55. Common terns
  56. Marsh wrens
  57. Common yellowthroat

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