Antelope Island

Friday April 27, 2018

I got to attend a library building design conference held on April 27th in Salt Lake City. After the conference was over I zipped up to Antelope Island to check out the birds.

1. Brewer’s blackbirds
2. Red winged blackbirds
3. Loggerhead shrike
4. American crows
5. Common ravens
6. Eared grebes
7. Mallards
8. Willets
9. Western kingbirds
10. Horned larks
11. Burrowing owls
12. Barn owl
13. Great horned owls
14. Starlings
15. Red tailed hawks
16. Northern harriers
17. American avocets

AND bison and antelope


Avocets _JLS0690b

A fleet of Eared grebes

Loggerhead shrike _JLS0816b

Burrowing owl

Stealthy Western meadowlark. I never would have spotted it if it hadn’t been singing its little heart out. _JLS0865b

A more obvious meadowlark

Great horned owl, I think he looks uncomfortable but he probably isn’t. _JLS0944b

Western kingbird

Pronghorn/antelope _JLS1001b

– Jenny

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