Yellowstone with Melinda & Shanna pt 2

Saturday May 19th

On Saturday we got up early and headed into the park towards Mammoth. We made it there earlier than I expected so we had lunch at the Mammoth grill, and checked in early to the hotel. The Mammoth hotel is a lovely old fashioned place to stay with the bathrooms down the hall and the small room fitted with old style accoutrements. I loved staying there even though the boiler went on the fritz making the whole place super hot for awhile. I just left the window open and the cool night air and breeze filled the room. After checking in, we drove east to Roosevelt and the wolf den area and back for the night. We saw fewer birds today, but a lot more mammals. Sadly, the wolves were not out near their den.

Dapper looking Common merganser showing off for the ladies

Shanna spotted this coyote. She has an amazing facility for finding wildlife far out in the fields at the edges of the woods. He is in front of the river though._JLS2800

I was so excited to find the Pika! And practically beside myself when it decided to hold still.

Shanna and Gregory _JLS2842

Gorgeous lake

Misty Hoodoos _JLS2892

Fluffy cold Mountain bluebird

Female Elk waiting on the lawns at Mammoth, soon there will be fawns! _JLS2960

Undine falls

Baby bison _JLS2988

This picture is awesome. We could see the bear, but Shanna noticed the wolf while we were driving. I wasn’t certain if I got the wolf in any of the photos but he is there just a bit up and to the left of the bear. He’s the whiteish lump near the sagebrush. Such a surprise!

Petrified tree. He’s in jail because tourists wouldn’t stop taking pieces home with them. There used to be more than just one tree… _JLS3027

When I first spotted the brown shapes I thought it was a coyote. But it was so much better. Sandhill cranes!

Pronghorn/antelope _JLS3061


1 Common raven
2 Townsend’s solitaire
3 Dark eyed junco (oregon)
4 Swainson’s hawk
5 Canada geese
6 Macgillivary’s warbler
7 Brewer’s blackbird
8 Common merganser
9 American robin
10 Mountain chickadee
11 Cinnamon teals
12 Chipping sparrows
13 Red winged blackbirds
14 Mountain bluebird
15 Mallards
16 Sandhill cranes
17 Ruby crowned kinglet
18 Black billed magpies
19 Red tailed hawk
20 Wilson’s warbler
21 American coots
22 Tree swallows
23 Ring necked ducks
24 Western meadowlark
25 Ruddy duck
26 Yellow headed blackbird
27 American wigeon
28 Cliff swallows
29 Violet green swallows
30 Northern shovelers

1 Coyote
2 Snowshoe hare
3 Pika
4 Least chipmunk
5 Elk
6 Uinta ground squirrels
7 Black bear (2)
8 Wolf
9 Pronghorn
10 Yellow bellied marmot
11 All kinds of bison including youngsters and wallowing adults
12 Frogs (heard)
13 Grizzly bear
14 Mule deer

This was an amazing day! – Jenny

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