Cedar City Rodeo

The Rocky Mountain Region College Rodeo was held on Sept 8 & 9. It was a lot of fun. They put a lot of different entertainment and acts into the rodeo.

It starts with opening ceremonies including flags, prayer, and more flags.

Go Bengals

There are signs from those who donate money. I must admit that I read this sign and wondered about what kind of beauty pageant would crown a Ms. Concrete… JLS03317

Mules in Harness as part of the opening ceremonies
JLS08659 Mules in Harness JLS03423

Mules in Harness
JLS08670 Bareback Bronc riding or ‘just a sec, I need my hat’JLS08705

Bareback Bronc … dismount
JLS08773 Bareback Bronc 3 JLS08841

Young Cowboy

Break away roping JLS02748

Break away roping
JLS02581 Toilet Paper Gun JLS09391

Tie Down Roping
JLS08937 Tie Down Roping 02. I love the look on this calf’s face. It’s like he’s saying “whatever”.JLS02831

Mutton Busting aka Flying
JLS09106 The ram gang JLS09045

Mutton Busting
JLS09090 Saddle Bronc JLS03584

Saddle Bronc
JLS09224 Pick-up Men JLS03966

Penned steer, they too wear protective covering to prevent accidental injury.
JLS01867 Team roping JLS02392

Shire Hitch
JLS04439 Shire Hitch JLS09471

Goat Roping
JLS02332 One Armed Bandit Performance JLS04616

Watusi crossed with Long horn
JLS04599 Barrel Racing JLS01355

Barrel Racing
JLS00587 Bull Riding JLS00539

— Jenny

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