Birding Gray’s Lake

9/2/2017 My original plan for Saturday morning was to go to the Sheepdog herding competition at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. But when I got up later than I expected and was reluctant to face the crowds I changed my plans and birded around Gray’s Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  Some of my favorite photos on the 2017 calendar came from this refuge.  So I set out with my paper Idaho Atlas because the back roads rarely have cell service and my nav system doesn’t give me a complete picture.

I used both cameras, the Nikon superzoom and the sony a6500.

Fishy (zoomed in on this little 6″ fish)

Alexander reservoirJLS08334

Summer heat

Red tailed hawk DSCN7902

American kestrel

Swainson’s hawk DSCN7893

Barn swallows

Brewer’s blackbird

Sandhill cranes

Bald eagle 1 JLS08438

Bald eagle 2 (I just wish I hadn’t needed to shoot through the passenger window, I might have been able to keep all of his wings in the frame *sigh*)

Bald eagle 3 (talons) JLS08440

I see you

Red field JLS08466

Sandhill crane flight

  1. Red tailed hawks
    Brewer’s blackbirds
    Barn swallows
    Swainson’s hawks
    Mountain bluebirds
    Vesper sparrows
    Sandhill cranes
    Western meadowlark
    Mourning doves
    Bald eagle
    A.W. pelicans
    Turkey vultures
    California gulls
    White faced ibises
    Cinnamon teals
    Double crested cormorants
    Canada geese
    Horned larks
    Rock doves

Not a huge number of bird species, but a lovely drive and lots of birds to look at even if many won’t pose for me.

— Jenny

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