Evening at the Madison River Valley

Evening of light snow with Shanna, Cheryl, Regina, & Katrina
Madison River Valley, Yellowstone

I’m using my Sony a6500 with a new Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Full Frame E-Mount Lens.  The lens was both birthday and xmas present for me.  It’s AMAZING. I’ve never had anything like this for photos.  I’m so new at photography it’s all incredibly exciting. I started really working/studying in the spring of 2016 with a Nikon coolpix. I’d like to think that I’ve come a long ways, but I look at other peoples photos and recognize that I have such a long way to go.  You see the best of my best on this blog, but I know that I’m still fighting with learning true control of the options available on my camera.

Elk reflections
_JLS8168 Snow on Bison _JLS8125

Snow on Elk
_JLS8141 Elk on the right, Bison on the left both drifting towards each other _JLS8175

Bison of various sizes. The smallest were the small red calves of early spring.

_JLS8178 Finally the animal in charge of each herd face each other. There was stomping and bobbing of heads, tails lifting _JLS8186

One of the agressors makes a decision
_JLS8189 Probably the best decision _JLS8197

_JLS8212 Bison reflections _JLS8235

Young bison playing
_JLS8246 Young bison crossing the river _JLS8284

Herd crossing with Elk in the background
_JLS8299 Large adult bison crossing _JLS8399

_JLS8317 Emerging _JLS8400

Elk crossing the river away from the Bison
_JLS8415 Antlered Elk _JLS8419

Misty valley
_JLS8489 Probably a young make elk since he didn’t have a harem with him. _JLS8542

Grazing by the side of the road
_JLS8547 _JLS8553

He is so beautiful

— Jenny

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