West Yellowstone to Old Faithful

West Yellowstone to Old Faithful and back with Shanna, Cheryl, Regina & Katrina.

The overcast dawn light really highlighted this knob of a mountain.
_JLS8658 (2)

Firehole river falls _JLS8686

Geese in the meadow _JLS8720

Mossy tree

Rafe in the mist _JLS8798

Winter is coming

But autumn lingers (heat killed trees) _JLS8843 (2)

Midway geyser basin overflows into the Firehole river

Late autumn on the Firehole river _JLS8881

Farther along the road and higher in elevation we come to the Old Faithful geyser area. Here the snow was thicker and I got to test my reflexes in a sliding car. We arrived just in time to watch Old Faithful.

Raven and his snowball
_JLS8926 Ravens by my car _JLS8993

Whoo Hoo! A small eruption of the elusive Grand Fountain Geyser. I keep trying to see this geyser erupt and I never do, till now.


Common merganser 01 _JLS9061

Common merganser 02
_JLS9065 (2) Common merganser 03 _JLS9092

Dipper 01
_JLS9139 Dipper 02 _JLS9141

Head of the Firehole river falls
_JLS9194 (2)


Elk in the long grass
_JLS9276 (2)

We saw elk, bison, common mergansers, mallards, canada geese, dark eyed juncos and lots and lots of ravens.

— Jenny

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