Magnolia Market in Waco

I’m a fan of the HGTV television series Fixer Upper. I have a few criticisms, but overall I like the work they do with the houses.  Waco is a 30 minute drive from Italy TX, so Shanna, Nanette, Sydney, Rebecca and I piled into my car and on an overcast and rainy day we went to visit the Magnolia Market, run by show’s Chip and Joanne Gaines.

DSCN5687 Traffic at the Silos was staggering, even on a weekday afternoon in the rain.

DSCN5657Front of Magnolia Market.  That is not grass, but astroturf.  It’s really brillint since it makes it durable for the hundreds and hundreds of people coming through and it maintenance is then a snap.

DSCN5665 The market was packed with people!  Way too many people for this rural Idaho woman.





It was also packed with many cool ideas.

Shanna waiting

Garden shop and space

Overall I thought it was a very cool use of space, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to go in the Silos themselves.  I thought they were using that space too, but it’s likely inventory is stored there.  Pretty cool.  Although the garden area is adjacent to the play space where a row of really cool food trucks are parked, we went elsewhere for lunch.  The rain and crowds were a difficulty for me.    Thank heavens my sisters are willing to go along when anyone needs a time out.

— Jenny


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