Travel Day Anchorage to Pocatello

June 11, 2018

But first a bit of breakfast and birding. Arlene took me to one of my favorite restaurants in Anchorage. The Snow City Cafe ( it really does have the best breakfasts. Then a little birding at this amazing pond that is located in town.

The island in the center of the pond is all a flutter

Red necked grebes _JLS4977b


Arctic tern _JLS4962

Arctic tern chicks

Birds in Anchorage:
1 Mew gulls
2 Arctic terns
3 Red necked grebes
4 Scaups
5 American wigeons
6 Common ravens
7 American robins

At the airport I had time for a little more shopping. I found birch caramels covered in chocolate and travel pals, one for Shanna and one for me. They’ll eventually end up in our Christmas decor.

I then boarded the plane for Home

Alaska, a view from the plane

Coming in to Seattle IMG_1065

Mount Hood on the way out, Seattle to Boise

I was too busy gathering my stuff to take pictures of the landing in Boise. I was grateful that I took a picture of where I left my car or I might never have found it. IMG_0959

Then the last thing was the 3 hour drive home. I had such a great time. But I’m also grateful that I took the next day off to catch up on my unpacking and sleep. I don’t even remember what birds I saw on the way back to Pocatello.

— Jenny

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