Nome pt 3

June 10, 2018

On Sunday we spent the day closer in to town. Mostly because we had no rental vehicle. There was sleeping, walking, feasting, okay eating at the great Pingo’s restaurant with some of Arlene’s (now my) other birding friends. And there was a bit of shopping. The store is called Maruskiya’s ( Then napping and walking and for me sitting on a rock and watching the ocean. Eventually, the peaceful day had to end and off we flew to Anchorage.

“…Skrimshaw is now being perpetuated by a small number of artists who, in the manner of old, toil for hours to create scrimshaw of unique and lasting beauty. You can be sure that our scrimshaw is crafted of the finest American fossil ivories. The hand-engraving is done by American artists without the use of any duplicating machines.”  – at Maruskiya’s

The cutest Bear which had to come home with me IMG_0998

This is my sitting rock. I think it is a very popular sitting rock.

Loon on the ocean. We identified two kinds of loons (Red throated and Arctic) out on the sea, I just don’t remember which one this was, and I can’t get a better focus. _JLS4898

More loons
_JLS4807 Glaucous gulls playing _JLS4879b

This was a gorgeous warm day and not only were there kites flying but some of the local children were out playing in that very cold ocean. Not swimming, but frolicking along the beach and shallows.

Shades of blue_JLS4864b

A white crowned sparrow perching behind me

Thank you Nome I had a great time._JLS4842

Birds of the day:
1 Red throated loons
2 Arctic loons (New to me!!)
3 Tree swallows
4 White crowned sparrow
5 Arctic tern
6 Long tailed jaeger
7 Herring gull
8 Glaucous gulls

— Jenny

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