Bear River Refuge – April 26 2022

Spent the early morning hours at the refuge birding and dodging raindrops.

Stunning vistas
DSCN9728 (2)

DSCN9726 (2)

Silvery grays sky & water with pelican and ducks
DSCN9722 (2)

DSCN9715 (2)

Yellow headed blackbirds


Yellow headed blackbirds

American coot in silhouette


American white pelican

Ring necked ducks, Rehead, Northern shoveler

Long billed curlew



Marsh wren
_JLS6980 (2)

Very wet Cinnamon teal and American coot

Western grebes



Clark’s grebes

Great blue heron

Black crowned night heron

Cinnamon teals
_JLS7064 (2)

White faced ibis with Cinnamon teals
_JLS7078 (2)

White faced ibis
_JLS7099 (2)

Black necked stilt
_JLS7100 (2)

_JLS7121 (2)

Later in the day I went to Utah Lake State Park and spotted this adorable California Quail
_JLS7144 (2)

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