BRMBR May 6, 2017

BRMBR = Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, the place I do the most birding.

Shanna and I went to Spanish Fork for a family gathering. We arrived at our hotel late on Friday night because I had an all day library conference in Idaho Falls (it was great) so we didn’t leave Pocatello till almost 6:00. The party was great and I loved visiting with my family. We left early enough to get to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge just before sunset. I wanted to get the best light possible since it was likely there would be a lot of birds. There were tons of birds. I’m grateful I had Shanna with me. She is amazing at spotting birds though she declares that she is no birder. This was a day of birds on the wing. I love that my camera can catch so many of them.

White Faced Ibises

Tree and Bank Swallows JLS08448

American White Pelicans

Cliff Swallows JLS08714

American White Pelican 01

American White Pelican 02 JLS08615

Snowy Egret 01

Snowy Egret 02 JLS08797

Snowy Egret 03

And a final pair of American White Pelicans O1: JLS08653


I’ll add my complete bird list when I get my notebook out of my car. — Jenny

  1. Canada geese
  2. Mallards
  3. Gadwalls
  4. Northern pintails
  5. American wigeons
  6. Cinnamon teals
  7. Northern shovelers
  8. Ruddy ducks
  9. Ring necked pheasant
  10. Eared grebe
  11. Western grebe
  12. Clark’s grebe
  13. American white pelican
  14. Double crested cormorant
  15. Great blue herons
  16. Snowy egrets
  17. Black crowned night heron
  18. White faced ibises
  19. Turkey vultures
  20. Northern harrier
  21. Swainson’s hawks
  22. Red tailed hawks
  23. American coots
  24. Killdeer
  25. Black necked stilts
  26. American avocets
  27. Willets
  28. Long billed dowitchers
  29. Semi palmated sandpiper
  30. Franklin’s gulls
  31. California gulls
  32. Forster’s terns
  33. Rock doves
  34. Eurasian collared doves
  35. Great horned owl
  36. American kestrels
  37. Western kingbirds
  38. Black billed magpies
  39. Common ravens
  40. American crows
  41. Horned larks
  42. Tree swallows
  43. Bank swallows
  44. Barn swallows
  45. Cliff swallows
  46. Marsh wrens
  47. American robins
  48. European starlings
  49. Lark sparrows
  50. Brewers blackbirds
  51. Red winged blackbirds
  52. Yellow headed blackbirds
  53. Brown headed cowbirds
  54. Great tailed grackle (Spanish Fork)
  55. Western meadowlarks
  56. House finches (Pocatello)
  57. House sparrows

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