College Rodeo – Salina UT

The first college rodeo of the spring season was in Salina UT. This is 302 miles south of my house. It’s a fun rodeo in an indoor arena. My first surprise was how low lighting changes the speed of my camera lens. I did not get as many fabulous shots as I had expected.


Post steer wrestling, it looks to me like they both need a cigarette.

You put a big guy on a regular sized horse and the horse seems small… _JLS3449

Never know when it’s calf roping or dancing.

And the must have bucking shot. _JLS5533

On the way home I noticed a flock of blue. I had to turn around and come back and get the camera out and by the time I took photos many of the original jays had moved on. There were probably 30 pinyon jays foraging in these cedars.


— Jenny

Rodeo March 2-5, 2018


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