Visiting family in Logan UT

May 25, 2018

Friday, Melinda and I headed South. We headed the direction South to Logan UT, and we headed towards South, meaning our brother David South and his wife Jennifer South and family. We did a little birding and even took a few by roads. The birds were NOT cooperative so I have no photos to share.

Arcadia is the name of Dave’s dome home. It’s pretty awesome.

It was great to see everyone. My Aunt Susan came by to pick up what I have been calling the Pineapple Extravaganzerie. There’s quite the family history to this dish. Quite a few years ago I was gifted it from a family member and told that it came from Hawaii and my grandparents. I used it a couple of times and then realized it was just sitting so I sent it to Texas. Once in Texas it landed with Nanette who used it as a display (mostly for shells) so when the shells headed my way, so did the Pineapple Extravaganzerie.


When I knew we were headed to Logan I called Aunt Susan, thinking that maybe it was time it wandered around on that side of the family. She wanted it! Apparently it was originally gifted to her. HOORAY. It is a very cool piece of monkey pod work and I’m happy she has it.

After dinner out Melinda and I drove through the canyon over to Brigham City where we stayed in a hotel so that we could go to the Bear River Migratory Bird refuge at dawn on the morrow.

Okay, when you actually look at the list, there are a lot of birds sighted this day. I’m baffled at the lack of photos, but I think we saw flighty and far off birds which are not photogenic.

1 Robins
2 Magpies
3 Turkey vultures
4 Red tailed hawks
5 Western meadowlarks
6 Starlings
7 Western kingbirds
8 Berwer’s blackbirds
9 Crows
10 Canada geese
11 Red winged blackbirds
12 Bank swallows
13 Yellow warblers
14 Cliff swallows
15 Mourning doves
16 House finches
17 White faced ibis
18 Great blue heron
19 Barn swallows
20 Bobolink !!! I rarely see these
21 Raven
22 Cinnamon teal
23 Coots
24 Western grebe
25 Ruddy duck
26 Mallard
27 Eared grebe
28 Redhead (duck)
29 Killdeer
30 Trumpeter swan
31 Yellow headed blackbird
32 Horned lark
33 Eurasian collared doves
34 House sparrows

— Jenny & Melinda


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