Crazy June


June was an excessively packed month for me. I had enthusiastically signed up to go on a trip to Nome AK with my friend Arlene months before I knew I would be interviewing candidates for two positions in our library. And, of course the interviews not only book-ended the trip, but they required part of the interview to be here in Pocatello and the other part over in Meridian (3 hours away).

My schedule looked like this:

  • Mon June 4
  • Tue June 5
    • Candidate-1 interview at Meridian
    • Lunch – Kona Grill (decent food, though I hate walking malls, I swear they are created in order to discriminate against everyone who is not thin and fit)
    • Drive back to Pocatello.
  • Wed June 6
    • Candidate-2 interview at Pocatello
    • Drive separately to Meridian.
    • Dinner at the Goodwood BBQ (yummy bbq)
  • Thu June 7
    • Candidate-2 interview at Meridian
    • Lunch – Ram Restaurant & Brewery (I must not eat here again, I was allergic to all of the things, though they had a nice menu and the flavors were fine)
      The best part about lunch was when someone asked about plans for the weekend, and I had to admit I was going to Alaska. They were aghast that I wasn’t going to spend a week or two there.
    • Go to Boise airport.
    • Fly to Anchorage
  • Fri June 8
    • Fly to Nome
    • Bird/walk around Nome
  • Sat June 9
    • Bird Tour Nome and the Teller road over to, well, Teller and back
  • Sun June 10
    • More hanging out in Nome, then Fly back to Anchorage


  • Mon June 11
    • Fly back to Boise then drive home to Pocatello
  • Tue June 12
    • Sleep
  • Wed June 13
    • Candidate-3 interview at Pocatello
    • Drive to Meridian in my car with Sandi and candidate, listen to “Three Men in a Boat.”
    • Dinner at Epi’s Basque Restaurant (not just great food but an experience, be sure to give yourself an hour or two if you go here)
  • Thu June 14
    • Candidate-3 interview at Meridian
    • Lunch at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill (I found it mediocre, but that might have been just what I ordered, everyone else enjoyed theirs. I’ll have to try this place another day)
    • Drop off candidate 3 at airport
    • Meet Candidate-4 interview at Meridian
      Dinner at Lucky Fin’s Seafood Grill (LOVE this restaurant, great fish)
    • Drive to Twin Falls to spend the night.
  • Fri June 15
    • Drive to Pocatello in the morning.
    • Candidate-4 interview Pocatello.

And rest. Phew. We hired two great people from this interview process. One now works in Meridian and the other in Pocatello. I also had an AMAZING experience in Nome. I’m going to have to create at least three blog posts to share the awesomeness.

— Jenny

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