McTucker Ponds – Aug 2019

Sunday August 4, 2019

Our first stop was the butterfly haven, but that blogpost has not yet been written. I am still trying to identify the butterflies. Melinda and I proceeded to bird the area known as McTucker Ponds. We were not expecting to see very many birds on this hot August afternoon, but we did see a few and hear a few more. The biggest surprise were the two Greater yellowlegs! Without my big lens I got few photos. On the other hand, this is going to be a great place to bird during the migration seasons. What I love most is how close it is to Pocatello. – Jenny

One of the ponds

Eastern kingbird

Lucky photo of two American goldfinches on thistles

Western grebe

We think this is a Kale field




  1. American crows
  2. House sparrows
  3. Swainson’s hawks
  4. Black billed magpies
  5. Cliff swallows
  6. Western kingbird
  7. Canada geese
  8. Mourning doves
  9. Brewer’s blackbirds
  10. American kestrels
  11. Eurasian collared doves
  12. European starlings
  13. Tree swallows
  14. Killdeer
  15. American robins
  16. Canaries
  17. Wilson’s warbler
  18. Greater yellowlegs
  19. Yellow warbler
  20. Eastern kingbirds
  21. American goldfinches
  22. Western grebes
  23. Common nighthawk
  24. Black capped chickadee
  25. Osprey
  26. Western meadowlark
  27. Turkey vulture
  28. Red winged blackbirds

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