Market Lake – Aug 2019

Monday August 5, 2019

I’ve been trying a few evening birding adventures so this week Melinda and I headed out for Market Lake. She’s only here for a few days so we’re maximizing our birding. I was surprised by the number of Double crested cormorants. They were even flying in large v formations across the sky. I did not know they flew together. – Jenny

Great blue heron


Double crested cormorant

Trumpeter swan and cygnet preening

Canada geese

Double crested cormorant

Northern harrier


Double crested cormorant taking off

Mysery female duck with teenagers

Surprise Bald eagle
We didn’t realize the raptor was a bald eagle until we looked at the zoomed in photo on the camera.

Horse & Mule

Fast moving Double crested cormorant

Surprise Mule deer
We saw him from the overpass, but I couldn’t figure out where he was in the field of grain through my camera lens. So I was just guessing and hoping he’d show up in one of the photos.


  1. Swainson’s hawks
  2. Rock doves
  3. Eurasian collared doves
  4. House sparrows
  5. Black billed magpies
  6. Red tailed hawks
  7. Western kingbirds
  8. Eastern kingbirds
  9. Black capped chickadee
  10. Great blue herons
  11. Canada geese
  12. Mallards, juveniles
  13. Trumpeter swan and cygnets
  14. Marsh wren
  15. Spotted sandpipers
  16. Wilson’s phalaropesw
  17. Green winged teals
  18. Greater yellow legs
  19. Black necked stilts
  20. White faced ibises
  21. Willets
  22. Killdeer
  23. Barn swallow
  24. Blue winged teals
  25. American coots
  26. Northern shoveler
  27. Double crested cormorants (100s)
  28. American white pelicans
  29. Cinnamon teals
  30. Cliff swallows
  31. Yellow headed blackbirds
  32. Northern harriers
  33. Pied billed grebe
  34. Bald eagle
  35. Long billed dowitchers
  36. Lesser yellow legs
  37. Bank swallows
  38. European starlings
  39. Brewer’s sparrows
  40. Mourning doves
  41. House wrens
  42. Common grackle
  43. Osprey
  44. Prairie falcon


  1. Jack rabbit
  2. Mule deer
  3. Muskrat

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