Chester Field Reservoir – Aug 2019

Pocatello to Lava to Chesterfield Reservoir and back
Friday 8/30/19

Late summer colors are stunning

Good thing the scenery is great because the birds were unwilling to pose.


There were large flocks of mixed yellow headed and red winged blackbirds. The flocks would break down into clusters of each species.

At first glance I thought ‘oh just another red tailed hawk’ and was going to drive on. Then I remembered how few photos of birds I actually had on my camera and even though photos of birds on phone poles are not ‘art’, they’re still great for blogs and identification. I made the right turn onto the dirt road which brought me closer to the hawk and the phone pole. I am so very happy I made this decision. It wasn’t a Red tailed hawk, but a Ferruginous hawk! I’ve known they are fairly common in my area, but I’ve never been able to find one. Now there were three and I was able to get a decent photo. I now know a lot more about what to look for while birding in my region.


Sorry about the rain spots on this Ferruginous hawk photo.


Of course if a horse is going to pose for me, I’m going to take photos. I think this paint horse is stunning.


And of course more scenery



It was a lovely evening and the birding was great. I was particularly surprised by the Greater sage grouse that crossed the road in front of me on the way home. It’s lucky I was going slow for the birding. I was unlucky in that it dashed off the road as soon as I raised my camera.
— Jenny


  1. Rock doves
  2. Turkey vultures
  3. Black billed magpies
  4. Sandhill cranes
  5. American crows
  6. American goldfinche
  7. Barn swallows
  8. Cliff swallows
  9. Vesper sparrows
  10. Lesser goldfinch
  11. Prairie falcon
  12. American kestrels
  13. American robins
  14. Northern harrier
  15. Red winged blackbirds
  16. Yellow headed blackbirds
  17. Tree swallows
  18. Ferruginous hawks
  19. Eurasian collared doves
  20. Red tailed hawks
  21. Bank swallows
  22. American white pelicans
  23. Assorted gulls
  24. Double crested cormorants
  25. Various ducks
  26. Bullock’s oriole
  27. Clark’s grebe
  28. Green winged teal
  29. Cinnaomon teal
  30. American coot
  31. White faced ibis
  32. Eared grebes
  33. Western meadowlark
  34. Grasshopper sparrow
  35. Savannah sparrow
  36. Horned larks
  37. Mourning doves
  38. Common merganser
  39. Greater sage grouse
  40. Belted kingfisher

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