Birch Creek Charcoal Kilns – Sept 2019

Monday 9/2/19

Once upon a time I took a college course that followed the trail of Chief Joseph on horseback. This was a long time ago and on that ride we stayed the night near a set of Native American ovens. I’ve always wanted to go back so when I had a free weekend I got online and started to hunt for that place. During this hunt I found the mention of the Birch Creek Charcoal Kilns. The kilns are located near Leadore Idaho only a couple hours from my house. My target exploration area changed from the ovens to the kilns. The short drive was a major plus. Shanna, John and Bill came along for the ride and the scenery. Of course, I was also looking for birds. The sagebrush desert is home to a few species and I think I got to see almost all of them. I’m going to come back out here in the spring. — Jenny

The landscape, sagebrush desert with forest on the mountains

Birch Creek Charcoal Kilns





Inside a kiln

Smoke residue inside the kiln

A few of the hundreds of butterflies

Cables a new addition to keep the kiln from collapsing

Backside of the kilns


Another of the butterfly species

Golden eagle

Leaving the kilns


  1. Rock doves
  2. Eurasian collared doves
  3. Mourning doves
  4. American robins
  5. European starlings
  6. Brewer’s sparrows
  7. Sagebrush sparrows
  8. Vesper sparrows
  9. Sage thrashers
  10. Horned larks
  11. Western meadowlarks
  12. Red tailed hawks
  13. Cooper’s hawk
  14. Prairie falcon
  15. Golden eagles
  16. Black billed magpies


  1. Pronghorn antelope
  2. Coyote

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