Yellowstone – Sept 2019 pt1

Yellowstone Part 1: Starting at Madison Junction to Norris, to the Falls and just beyond to a great picnic area by the Yellowstone River. Saturday 9/7/19

Shanna suggested the route and the rest of us said heck yes. It’s been a long time since I spent any time out by the Upper & Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.

My Nav system now has the coordinates for the Swan Pond in Island Park. I wasn’t going to stop, but for the first time this year they were close to the road. Two adults and two juveniles were there. I think you can see part of one of the juvies.

Trumpeter Swans

I think Canada geese are lovely and am always looking for interesting shots of them.

Angry Canada Geese

Canada Goose

Mood lighting along the Gibbon river valley

I don’t know what they were looking at

The falls are so very impressive.
Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Canyon

Pool below the falls

It wasn’t until I got the photos home on my computer that I was able to tell that it wasn’t two ravens nor two hawks chasing around but one of each.

Hawk chasing Raven



We had two gray jays hanging out in the picnic area.

Gray jay

A few more Canada geese

And three more Trumpeter swans

Complete Bird List for the Day

  1. Rock doves
  2. Assorted gulls
  3. Killdeer
  4. Great blue heron
  5. Sandhill cranes
  6. Brewer’s blackbirds
  7. Various large flocks of blackbirds
  8. European starlings
  9. Black billed magpies
  10. Unidentified, non-breeding plumage ducks
  11. Cinnamon teals
  12. Green winged teals
  13. Common mergansers
  14. Trumpeter swans
  15. Osprey
  16. Common ravens
  17. American crows
  18. Great gray owl
  19. Red tailed hawks
  20. Gray jays
  21. White crowned sparrows
  22. Mountain bluebirds
  23. American robins

— Jenny

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