Antelope Island – Sept 2019

Friday September 20, 2019

Dawn at Antelope Island with a bit of rain and a lot of sunflowers.

Killdeer in the rain

Red necked phaleropes, there were thousands of them, I did not know they migrated through.  Such a marvelous surprise!

American avocet, Red necked phaleropes, Willet

Willet & Avocet

Western meadowlarks and a European starling

Sunflowers and bison


Great horned owl in his/her box


  1. Sandhill cranes
  2. Ring billed gulls
  3. American avocets
  4. Killdeer
  5. Black necked stilts
  6. Double crested cormorants
  7. Franklin’s gulls
  8. California gulls
  9. Wilson’s phaleropes
  10. Red necked phaleropes
  11. Willets
  12. Gadwalls
  13. Eared grebes
  14. European starlings
  15. Western meadowlarks
  16. American crows
  17. Great horned owl
  18. Horned larks
  19. Mallards
  20. Barn swallows
  21. Common ravens
  22. Brown headed cowbirds
  23. Eurasian collared doves

Still very excited about seeing so many Red necked phaleropes! – Jenny

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